Happy 2014!

Hey fellas! It’s a fresh new start!

Today is page 2 of 365. This should be a start of something new for all of us. Let us all forget the heartaches, pain and suffering last year. This is a beginning.

This is MY beginning.

I’ve learned so much last year. It was not my year. But somehow 2013 showed me my limitations, my strengths and weaknesses and let me know what I really want. It is also the year where I found my true friends. It was the year where I’ve grown fully as a person.

This is also the year where I found success in my academic life. I passed a test. I finished my thesis and defended it.  i ace my reports. I proved to others that I can do something. Something that took effort, hard work and responsibility. I made huge decisions too. Some I do not regret. Some a little. I learned to sacrifice and to be more patient last year.

The last 2 months of my 2013 taught me the true value of family and friends. I seriously can’t live without them.  Beside myself, they are my strength. They gave me so much love and support in every decision that I made. Also, my faith with the Lord God deepened. He’s always there for me through my rough times. He gave me hope and wisdom in everything.

Most importantly, I’ve learned that in life, not everything is permanent. One day your happy, the next day you’re not. People change, people leave. Sometimes the person you know, is not exactly the person YOU really know. That each person has a mask. You just have to accept it. Never hold a grudge to someone instead be kind to them. Kill them with kindness. Always be positive and surround yourself with people who will bring the best in you.

Above all, I’ve learned that life is a constant battle. You just have to know how fight. How to play the game. It is a competition. The only enemy you have is yourself. Never ever forget to laugh and smile.

I should be happy always.

I will make this year as the best year ever.

I will make the change I want.

I will never stop hoping, believing and dreaming.

I will LOVE.

The universe and Lord God is Almighty is always on my side.


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